Galapagos Islands Tour

Galapagos 5 day 3 Islands, land tour visiting the most iconic places in the enchanted islands

Galapagos Islands Tour

Galapagos Islands Tour. This is an island hopping, land tour, Island hopping. Visiting the most iconic places in the enchanted islands.

The Galapagos Islands 5 day, 3 island tour; offer visitors a unique opportunity to see, and experience the miracle of evolution. Isolation has made it possible for different reptiles, plants, and bird species to evolve slowly through time.

Touring the islands by boat, or day tours, give visitors a wonderful trip, as tourists are astonished by its lash on biodiversity, one of a kind forests, marine life, endemic species, that co-exists together, with the local population, amazing volcanic landscapes, and lava formations, that harvest life.

Galapagos Bartolome Island

Santa Cruz: This island is located in the center of the archipelago, therefore, from here almost all boats, and cruises leave, for visits to other islands, highlights of this island are: Tortuga Bay, Chato reserve, Scalesia forest.

Bartolome: Bartolome Island, is a sinking island, this is probably, one of the most iconic places in the Galapagos, where only a few spots are available daily, so is great chance to see wildlife, and amazing marine life, such as hammerhead sharks, only by doing snorkeling.


Isabela: This is the biggest island, of all and the youngest, still surrounded by active volcanoes, and lava flows, highlights of this island are: The lava Tounels, the Sierra Negra volcano, Titorera bay.

Declared world heritage by the UNESCO. The Galapagos Islands is one of the world´s most visited natural wonders, and we are local experts, working directly with local guides, service providers and lodging facilities. you will be booking, same costs as, if you were already on the islands themselves, booking locally is a fair booking, therefore, no third parties or foreign influence will increase prices. We practice fair trade, rather than a booking from mainland Ecuador.


In addition, we work with a family run, friendly hotels, 3-4 star, cozy, nice places, clean, and comfortable, double and triple rooms, as well as, family suites, we can also upgrade lodging upon request.

In conclusion, 11 years of experience, assure you, that you can have a great local expert Galapagos island tour experience.

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