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The Amazon is the most richly biodiverse rainforest on the planet due its warm climate and geographic conditions during the Pleistocene era. It was one of the few places distinguished as a Pleistocene Refuge Area, where its location sheltered by the Volcanic mountains on the eastern slopes of the Andes made it a hotspot for biodiversity and animal migration during the last great extinction event in era of extreme and dramatic climate change. Later, once the climate stabilized, the Yasuní greatly contributed to the propagation of flora and fauna across the rest of the Amazon basin. Visitors on this Amazon Tour into the majestic jungles of the Yasuní will be staying in comfortable wooden eco-lodges, which are furnished with both single and double beds and can accommodate up to three people in one room. All rooms have private bathrooms and hammocks. Electricity is available at certain hours of the day; but be prepared to put down the laptop and smartphone in exchange for books and candlelight to the sound of the rainforest.

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Best Seasons:All Year
Popular Location:Yasuni - Cuyabeno