Cuyabeno Birding Tours

Cuyabeno Reserve Ecuador is a region of the Amazon near the border of Colombia only accessible by small boat.

Cuyabeno Birding Tours

Cuyabeno Reserve Ecuador is a region of the Amazon near the border of Colombia only accessible by small boat. Here visitors stay in comfortable wooden eco-lodges with and spend the day exploring the rainforest with indigenous guides. We work directly with the indigenous community in the area who have grown up in the Amazon and know more about it than foreign guides from Quito, we have a commitment to employing great local guides with a piece of vast knowledge on the region and its wildlife.


Is promoting seriously and responsibly ecotourism in the 2nd biggest protected area in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador (CUYABENO WILDLIFE RESERVE) with 604,000 hectares 0f primary forest declared protected in 1979. This Ecolodge provides solar electricity to charge batteries of cameras or other electronic objects, rooms with private toilet and hot shower, to make as less impact as possible to nature the lodge also provides biodigesters for the toilet system. Sure the sustainable tourism industry is benefiting directly local communities in the reserve, at the same time protecting a part of the last refuge of wildlife on earth.

In this National reserve, the Siona Secoya and Cofan tribes inhabit and share their spaces with the natural wildlife, still practicing millennial ways of life in the rainforest.

Cuyabeno lakes are also very famous for its fishing, particularly Piranha, and great chances to spot the snake king ANACONDA.


  • Tower bird spotting
  • Birdwatching
  • Forest animal tracking
  • Alligator spotting – Caimans
  • Cultural exchange
  • Fishing

Cuyabeno Birdwatching tour, you can spot birds such as:

Oaxin, Egrets, Toucans, Puffbirds, Potoo, Nightjar, Tanagers, Macaws, Parrots, Puffbirds, Trogons, and much more.

The flooded forest and lakes also allow for slow rowing canoes to keep tracking birds, especially water birds, such as egrets and kingfishers, and its primary forest gives a unique opportunity to spot great bird species, that live within the land.

Finally, don´t forget to check out our AMAZING  AMAZON RAINFOREST.

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Truly a fantastic tour. We thoroughly enjoyed every step of this tour and the final bungee Jumping was an adventure I don’t think I would ever able to forget, I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who loves adventure.

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