Ecuador Best Treks

Ecuador Best Treks

We are specialists in Ecotourism and Sustainable Treks with Indigenous Guides to support the most we can, in the local Economy and local Communities. You can discover the incredible landscapes of El Altar Lagoons and its 5 Lagoons, we also organize Archeological Treks to see Incas constructions as The Lost Pyramid of PuñayThe Ingapirca Inca Trail Ecuador near Cuenca or the Condor Trek Ecuador. as well as discovering a Trekking Package in Ecuador for the outdor lovers, and people that want to acclimatise to get to the top of  Volcanoes. Under request, you can discover the untouched and unique Sangay National Park Ecuador. Here under you can see and discover all our Budget Trekking Ecuador one of the best countries in South America to do trekking and for all levels Beginners to Professionals. Budget Trekkin Ecuador

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Best Seasons:May - February
Popular Location:Altar - Sangay - Cotopaxi - Chimborazo

Altar Trek

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Altar Trek Ecuador   El Altar is an extinct volcano in Sangay National Park surrounded by multicoloured lagoons, giant waterfalls and ...

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