Mindo Birdwatching

Mindo Birdwatching

Mindo is the world´s number one hotspot, for birdwatching on the planet. It is located in the occidental tropical cloud forest, with over 600 species Of Birds, known to live in the region.

The cloud forest of Mindo is just two hours northwest of Quito. Where you can observe the transition between, the Andes highlands, and the tropical cloud forest lash.

Visitors will enjoy, an outstanding ride down to 1000 m. above sea level. Probably one of Ecuador´s best-conserved cloud forest.

Mindo, is probably one of the best places, for bird spotting in the world.

Very professional, and experienced bird guides, will assist and point out, all species, with specific detail, costumers will learn and appreciate the biodiversity and outstanding number of birds, that live and co-exist in the cloud forest, the trails are easy to follow, and some can be challenging as visitors, will need to wake early to catch the most iconic species, such as the Cock of The Rock, or the Black-billed Mountain-Toucan.

This 3-day tour, allows bird lovers, to finds great species, of the best birdwatching in Ecuador, the cloud forest of Mindo, is home to over 600 species of birds, from which we can highlight, Toucans, Tanagers, Nightjars and Potoos, Hummingbird galore, and even Quetzal birds, as well as the world-famous Cock of the Rock

Visitors can experience the best places for birdwatching in Ecuador. This is a 3-day 2-night tour. Complimented by a short visit to the butterfly center and treks to the waterfalls of Nambillo.

Mindo Birdwatching is definitely something for bird lovers to enjoy.

Furthermore, Mindo Couldforest is also blessed with warm weather, and nice rive sites so is a great place in general for everyone to enjoy.

This Mindo Birdwatching tour can be extended to visit the Makipukuna cloud forest reserve, or Santa Lucia, upon clients request. You can combine this trip also with Yasuni – Cuyabeno Amazon tours or Galapagos Islands on request and tailor-made your birding tour

  • Wooden cabins, eco-friendly bedrooms, with 2-3 beds or private single double room bedrooms, constructed mostly with wood, and surrounded by an amazing orchid garden, so it brings birds closer to the guest.
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